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The Moscato D'Asti is made with the grape Moscato Bianco, perhaps the oldest wine ever grown in Italy.
Sweet, light and extremely elegant, it is essentially a dessert wine. It is bottled before the alcoholic fermentation of the must is completed, so that it might continue in the bottle, producing the characteristic sparkling foam.

  • Color: golden yellow or straw-like, brillant
  • Aroma: fragrant, with musk overtones
  • Flavour: sweet and aromatic
  • Minimum alcohol content: 10,5 %, of which at least 1/3 potentially produced during the fermentationin bottle.
  • Grape: Moscato Bianco

The Moscato D'Asti should be consumed within one year from the harvest. However, if kept in the darkness, at proper temperature and with reclined bottles, it may last 2-3 years. It shold be drunk cool, not cold, at 10-12 °C, 50-52° F.
Its natural sweetness makes ist particularly suited to complement desserts and fruits at the end of the dinner.
But it is also a delightful wine for any happy occasion.