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Langhe Arneis, made exclusevely with Arneis grape, is a white, dry wine, well balanced and particularly aromatic. A superior white wine from the Langhe region, land of great red wines !
Due to its distinct and intense bouquet, velvety complextion and extraordinary elegance, this dry, yet soft wine is nowadays appreciated everywhere.


  • Color: straw-yellow, of arius intensity; clear, with an amber hue.
  • Aroma: typically fine and intense
  • Flavour: dry, fresh, delicate, very elegant
  • Minimum alcohol content: 10.5 %

The wine is usually drunk within the year following the harvest. However some crus, when stored under proper conditions of temperature and light, maintain ther characteristics for several years.

Served cold (8°C, 50-52° F) Langhe Arneis is an excellent apreritif, while when served a bit warmer (10-12° C, 50-52 °F) is a classic complement to fish.