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Dolcetto is the typical wine of the Langhe region: it is the great everyday wine, suited for the high cuisine as well as the daily table. Its name suggests sweetness, but it is a dry wine. The grapes, however, possessing a very low acidity, are quite sweet and well suited for the table.

  • Color: ruby-red, with violet reflexes and edges
  • Aroma: typically vinous, fruity
  • Flavour: dry, pleasently bitterish, with almond flavor, modest acidity, consistent body, well balanced
  • Minimum alcohol content: 12 %
  • Grapes: Dolcetto

The culture of the Dolcetto grapes is limited to various territories of the Langhe, among which Alba, Neive, Barbaresco, Negiglie, Castiglion Falletto and Serralunga.
Because of the low acidity of the grapes, the wine undergoes an early malo-lactic fermentation, which makes it ready to be consumed the spring following the harvest.

When grown in particularly good years, the Dolcetto may be aged for 2-3 years. Exceptional crus of Dolcetto, derived from territories where the Nebbiolo for Barolo is grown, may age very well and are designated as Barolo "Wannabes".
It goes very well with first courses, boiled, broiled or rosted meats and a variety of cheese.