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Like Barolo, also Barbaresco is a great wine for roasted meats. Full bodied, yet gentle, of fine and elegant structure. When properly kept in oak casks, it refines its organoleptic characters and becomes suitable for a long ageing.
In the last years Barbaresco has emerged from the shadow of its senior brother Barolo to obtain the rightful respect and admiration of the connoisseurs.

  • Color: red brown with an orange hue
  • Aroma: ethereal, intense, with a suggestion of violets, very pleasant
  • Flavour: dry, smooth, full bodied, yet velvety
  • Minimum alcohol content: 12,5 %
  • Grape: Nebbiolo

Made with Nebbiolo grapes, it assumes the name of Barbaresco after two years in oak casks, Cuts or additions with other musts, grapes or wines are not allowed.
After four years of ageing (counting from the year following the harvest) it may be labeled as "Riserva". It is labeled as D.O.C.G., thus receiving the State seal, only after severe analytical and organoleptic analyses performed by a permanent Commission of esperts.

Barbaresco is served at room temperapture (18-20°C, 64-68° F). It is well suited with light meat, roasted or grilled and with fowl. It is also a great wine for conversation and meditation.