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Barbera ist made with the grape of the same name. If derived from territories typical for the cultivation of Nebbiolo-Grapes for Barolo and Barbaresco, the Barbera wine display great color and boda when young as well as when proprely aged. With the years, such wine acquires particular smoothness and color, not ruby-red any longer, but rather red-orange.The bouquet blends well with the aroma to produce an enhanced finesse. The result is a superior wine, particularly suited for roasted meats.


  • Color: ruby-red when young, woth brown-orange nuances when aged
  • Aroma: intensely vinous hen young, it assumes an ethereal fragrance with age.
  • Flavour: dry, bitterish, pleasantly acidic, slightly tannic. After a few years of ageing, it becomes smoother, with a pleasant tarry suggestion.
  • Minimum alcohol content: 12 %.

After due analyses the wine may receive the designation of D.O.C.
On exceptional vintages it assumes the characters of a Barolo.
After two years of ageing in the bottle, with an alcohol content of 13 %, it might deserve the "Superiore" qualification.

Barbera is eminently suited to game and pork dishes and to a variety of cheeses, either spicy or strong flavored, young or well aged.