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It is considered the best among the superior red wines of Italy. It is made with the "Nebbiolo" grapes, grown since the 15th century.
Because of the compliments that Kings and Popes paid to it in the course of history, Barolo acquired the fame of being "the King of wines and the wine of Kings".

  • Color: brilliant red-brown, with an orange hue
  • Aroma: ethereal, intense, very pleasant
  • Flavour: dry, full bodied, austere yet velvety, well balanced
  • Minimum alcohol content: 13 %
  • Grape: Nebbiolo

The new wine is called Nebbiolo. Only that derived from grapes from established vineyeards and approved by special commissions of experts, after three years of ageing in casks, assumes the name of Barolo.
Cuts with or additions of different grapes or must are not allowed.

After five years from the harvest the wine may be labeled "Riserva". After rigid analytical and organoleptic examinations it may receive the special State seal, defining ist as D.O.C.G.
The Barolo is the ideal complement for red meats, either roasted, grilled or rotisseried, and for game. It is one of the few wines that is not challanged by lamb meat, the most flavorful mushrooms, mature cheese or chocolate.
Moreover, it is a superb wine for conversation and meditation, given the proper company. Serve it well "chambrè", that is at room temperature.
You may decant it, if you cannot wait that it develops his superb bouquet spontaneously.