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The white wine GAVI derives from the white grapes Cortese, which has been grown for several centuries on the slopes of the hills around the city of Alessandria in Piedmont.
The wine Cortese grows at its best in the soil around GAVI, an antique village of pre-roman origin.
The wine has a moderate alcohol content (10.5 -12%) and a delicate equilibrium of its components, which contribute to a well balanced overall structure.

  • Color: light straw-yellow
  • Aroma: typically fine and pleasant
  • Flavour: dry, fresh and well balanced
  • Minimum alcohol content: 10,5 %
  • Grapes: Cortese

Special Commissions of experts, after performing analytical and organoleptic analyses, authorize the Denomination of Controlled Origin.
The GAVI wine is well considered and highly sought on the international markets.
As an aperitif it should be served cold (8°C, 48° F). However with appetizers, first courses and particularly with fish, it should be
served rather cool (10-12° C, 50-52° F).